Buisness consultation and marketing for equestrian buisnesses


I am specialized in economy, marketing and the running of equestrian buisnesses.  If you are a yard owner, special event manager, shop or infuencer/rider, I can help you where you need it the most. Get your consultation from someone who knows the sport and the market. It's more than a sport, and more than a regular buisness. Together we grow.


From start to finish, I analyze and re-organize your buisness to help you reach your goals. Tailored to fit your buisness.


Social media - I guide you and meet your needs. Digital marketing and todays SEO is important with todays fast technology.


Create a clean and exclusive look for your website - to fit your brand. I help you create content for web and social media. 




Horses are time-consuming. As a manager you know how little time there is to get everything done, or are you struggeling to start up a new buisness? We want to grow the equestrian market and the sport, to create new buisnesses. A well organized buisness can easily grow, and creates workplaces. Good leadership skills and organizing daily routines, while using digital marketing and social media, keeps your existing costumers, and reach new ones.  Combined with correct pricing and completing new ideas, stability within your economy is the key to sucess. My services includes all this, to help you run things easier.


Realizing new ideas

What do you desire? Have you reached your goals? Together, we analyze your buisness and help you along the way

Marketing and content

Make your costumers see you! How to you market yourself today? What are your strategies to get new clients?


Stability is the key to sucess and to grow your buisness further. I help you set prices and how to increase your income.

Organizing routines

Horses are more than a sport. I help you organize your buisness and special events, to help you get on top of everything.


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